Keysmart Inc.

We are an automotive locksmith company with two locations one in Boca Raton Florida and the other in Sacramento California. We provide automotive locksmith services in these areas, but also have a wholesale website and affiliate network across the United States.

Our Expertise

We specialize in Automotive keys, we can do almost every make and model out there. It doesn't matter if it is a metal key for an older vehicle or a new proximity remote fob for a brand new vehicles. If you are an auction, car dealer, or manage a fleet of vehicles we are able to assist you all across the United States and have a dedicated website and team to assist you with all your wholesale key needs.

Special Order Keys

We make more keys and remotes for more models than any other national wholesale key provider. We have a often imitated but never duplicated system that over the years we have developed to provide the widest variety of hard to get OEM keys both at the local level around our offices and nationally to our wholesale customers.

Keys Currently Available for these Vehicles

We offer the most extensive number of makes and models available we are constantly adding more as new equipment becomes available. Email us at with your vin and we can get you information for your specific vehicle as soon as possible.


We are in an industry that has auto manufactures spending billions of dollars to not allow people to do what we do. Every year the keys for automobiles get more and more high-tech and require new sophisticated equipment to be able to provide keys for these vehicles. Luckily to ensure that not just anyone can obtain this type of equipment the industry has adopted a extremely extensive registration and licensing process that is constantly checked and updated. We are up to date in both of these departments. We have the most up to date equipment and are constantly meeting and exceeding all minimum requirements to maintain all licenses and good standing in all locksmith business regulatory databases.
We test and maintain a extensive offering of OEM keys and aftermarket options when available. We will never offer a service that has potential to damage your car like some of the other imitation wholesale locksmiths around. We also combine a mix of OEM programming software and locksmith specific programming equipment to ensure we give you a reasonable price and the biggest variety of automotive key programming available on the market today.
We can provide these services not only in our homebased cities but also nationally utilizing an affiliate network that we have personally vetted to ensure the same standards for everywhere our customers are located.

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